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Committee Membership

Academic Year 2018/2019

Governing Board Membership Type Appointed By Term of Office Attendance 18/19
Start End
Mrs Wendy Nelson Head Ex Officio 01/01/16 10/10
Cllr Geraldine Purvis Authority GB 01/09/18 31/08/22 3/8
Mr Geoff Bollands Co-opted GB 01/09/18 31/08/22 6/8
Mr David Dorman-Smith Co-opted GB 29/06/15 28/06/19 5/7
Pastor Paul Howells Co-opted GB 01/09/18 31/08/22 5/8
Mrs Pam Robson Co-opted GB 01/09/18 31/08/22 6/10
Mrs Karen Welford Co-opted GB 01/04/19 31/03/23 3/4
Mrs Catherine Barnett, Chair Foundation GB 01/09/18 31/08/22 9/10
Ms Kelly Read Parent Elected 14/09/18 16/09/22 5/6
Mrs Nerys Thornton Observer GB 01/09/2016 31/08/2020 5/7
Mr Mike Foster Staff Elected  29/04/16  28/04/20 7/7
Full Governing Board Finance&Resources RASP Performance Management Safer Rec trained Governor Responsibility
4pm start 19/12/2019 23/03/2020 13/07/2020 4pm start 30/09/2019 04/03/2020 18/05/2020 3pm start 04/11/2019 02/03/2020 15/06/2020
Mrs Wendy Nelson X  X 17/02/17
Cllr Geraldine Purvis X  DDA Access Champion, Health & Safety
Mr Geoff Bollands Chair  X PE/Sports Premium
Mr David Dorman-Smith Chair  18/03/16 Safeguarding, Behaviour & Safety
Pastor Paul Howells X
Mrs Karen Welford X
Mrs Pam Robson X X 03/05/13 SEND
Mrs Catherine Barnett X X  X 30/01/15 Creative Curriculum
Ms Kelly Read X
Mrs N Thornton (DHT) X (Observer) 09/06/17
Mr Mike Foster X 04/07/18
Former Governors Type Appointed By Term of Office
Start End
Cllr Peter Purvis Co-opted GB 01/01/2004 26/10/2018
Vikki Cameron-Hall Foundation GB 01/09/2018 28/01/2019
**Concerns/Appeals Committee - Pool Membership (all governors except those employed in school in any capacity). The Governing Board recognises its responsibility to be the final arbiter on all policy matters and decisions concerning the management of the school. It is the Governing Board’s intention to delegate responsibilities adequately to a number of Committees and to the Head and staff so as to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of policy. The Chair of the Committees to agree with the Head Teacher the agenda and send to members 1 week prior to the meeting. The minutes of Committees will be presented to all Governors at the next full Governing Board meeting. Major decisions may be referred to the full Governing Board where full consultation is felt advisable. The Governing Board has also established Working Parties without delegated powers to consider key issues with a view to recommending to full Governors a course of action. To view the Remits on each committee, please click on the links below: Finance and Resources Committee   School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) Remit Building and Sites Remit Raising Achievement (Strategic Planning) Committee Appraisers Complaints/Concerns and Appeals Committees