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School Meals

School meals and packed lunches

A nutritious school lunch is provided each day. Click here to view the Menu. The current cost of a school lunch is £9.50 per week. Dinner money should be paid at the start of each week. If overpayment is received, the additional money will be carried forward to the next week. A cafeteria system operates offering a daily choice of meals. Children enter the dining room on a rota system, thus ensuring that each class and each child has a turn of being served first. 1 The Education Authority provides free meals for children whose parents qualify. Some parents may not know whether they qualify or not, others may not wish to apply, but by doing so you can benefit yourself and the school. This is because the registration for free school meals is linked to the school budget and contributes to the amount of money allocated to the school each year. Therefore we would ask that all parents who qualify register for them (even if you choose not to take advantage of the system). We must stress that it is not possible for anyone in the school to distinguish children receiving a free meal from those pupils who pay. Application forms for free school meals may be obtained from the school secretary at the office. Children may bring a packed lunch to school but fizzy drinks, hot drinks, soup, flasks, or glass containers are not allowed for safety reasons. Sweets and chocolate bars are also not permitted in packed lunches as we are committed to ensuring that the children adopt healthy lifestyles. View our lunch menu

22.05.20: Please click HERE for the latest update from our CEO.  Thank you. Mrs Nelson