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We ask that all children wear our school uniform which is as follows:

All items of school uniform can be purchased or ordered from school. Please see our school clerk. School uniform can also be bought from other outlets such as; Asda, Tesco, Matalan. We urge parents/ carers to mark all items of school clothing including outdoor coats with their child’s name. If children lose clothing it is very difficult to find the item and return it safely to its owner. 2

Clothing for P.E. 

All children should wear shorts and a t-shirt for P.E. Parents/ carers can provide plimsolls for indoor P.E. but trainers may not be worn. We advise that children do not bring football strips to change into for P.E. unless they are CLEARLY LABELLED WITH THE CHILD’S NAME ON EACH ITEM.  We urge parents/ carers to send their children with a change of shoes for outdoor P.E. The provision of a named P.E. bag is very useful. P.E. bags can be purchased from the school office. Alternatively, a carrier bag can be used. Children attending swimming lessons should be provided with a towel and costume/trunks from home.


In the interests of Health and Safety, we urge parents/carers to ensure that children wear only the minimum of jewellery. Watches are acceptable as are stud earrings (children need to be able to remove these for P.E. and swimming)